Mama Used to Say...
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What Are You Trying to Say With That Outfit?

My Mom truly believed that you could speak volumes without saying a word with your clothes. From time to time, when I was going out, I would get dressed and ask my Mom what she thought about what I was wearing. Sometimes I received a straight forward answer but then there were those times when she would ask me, Well, what are you trying to say with that outfit? At first that question threw me for a loop. I thought, what am I trying to say? Well, I hoped I was saying, I'm cute or I look good. This is when I learned that there was a little more about what clothes can say than just looking cute or looking good. She wanted me to always be aware of that fact and be aware of what I was projecting with my clothes. (Definitely something our young women need to understand). She made me realize that what you project is how you'll be perceived and clothes can support that or distract from that. So I always made sure I was aware of what I was saying (before I opened my mouth) from head to toe......

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