Everybody's A Brand!


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Sheila P. Coates CEO, Speaker, Author & Brand Strategist

Do you know that people form an opinion of you within 30 seconds of meeting you...before you say a word? What are you saying in your first 30 seconds? BYOBTM helps you define your unique attributes so you project what you want people to get personally and professionally with your unique branding statement. Join our webinar on October 18th 11am PST.

Your branding statement helps to remind you what is unique about you. Do you know what a branding statement is? Get schooled by the BYOBTM team and take your game up a notch. Everybody's a Brand. Let us help you understand how to best magnify and define it. Join us on October 18th 11amPST/2pmEST.

Corporate teams consider this... No football team is made up of all quarterbacks. Each player understand their uniqueness and what they bring to the team. Do you? The same is true in business. No team should have all the same players - each of your colleagues is unique. That's their competitive edge! That's their brand! This is why standing out and knowing your brand is important. What are you bringing to the table in a way no one else can... Your brand! You'll win when you are clear about what position you play. In this saturated marketplace, what is setting you apart from the competition? What fuels your passion? What are some innate traits you have that make you a winning CEO? Join the #BYOB17 conversation and take your business game to a whole new level.

Learn how to project what you want people to perceive so you win personally and professionally.

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