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    "Speak Volumes Without Saying A Word..."

BYOB (Be Your Own Brand!)

Speak Volumes Without Saying A Word...

We Brand - People / Companies / Projects

Speak Volumes Without Saying a Word...

Be your own brand!

Personal Branding

Why you need BYOB

  • Because you are a brand - whether you like it or not!
  • Competitive edge
  • Greater confidence
  • Get That Job, Promotion or Business

Did you know that people form an opinion of you (and your business) within 30 seconds of meeting you? Before you say a word!

BYOB helps people who desire to gain a competitive edge, greater confidence and empowerment project who they are consistently and authentically using a personal branding statement. Entrepreneurs to Women to College Students - People who want to win!

You are a brand and powerful brands know who they are and consistently project that to the world. Learn the same principles that "celebrities and corporations" use to create their unique "visual" brand and distinguish themselves from the crowd.

The same principles apply to: "You, Inc."

Company Branding

Why your Company needs BYOB

  • Increase revenue
  • Better leaders
  • Powerful teams

Your employees are the FACE of your Corporate brand. Companies spend millions creating their brand, only to place that brand in the hands of employees with little or no training. These employees ultimately become the "face" of that million-dollar brand.

BYOB Increases revenue and improves company and customer relations by increasing confidence and productivity by helping employees discover the power of their own unique brand.

From "Front-line personnel to Leadership teams" - Employees significantly impact an organizations bottom line and brand through their consistent interaction with customers, peers and community. Personal satisfaction is directly linked to personal success. BYOB helps individuals find their unique attributes and gain a competitive edge, resulting in greater personal satisfaction and professional success.

Project Branding

Why your Project needs BYOB

  • Increase Brand Identity
  • Strategic branding plan
  • Return on Investment

Do your events project who you are? Leave a positive, lasting impression? Enhance your brand? Stay on budget? Provide a return on your investment? Include the right celebrity that produces the right results?

BYOB delivers all of the above and more. We help you clearly define your event so it leaves a lasting impression with consistent messaging, images, celebrities and a targeted demographic that will enhance your brand's image, identity and ROI. We create events that are star studded whether there's a celebrity in the house or not! p.s. We also deliver powerful speeches at your event if needed.

The BYOB Branding Statement

Identify It

Through an interactive process BYOB helps you - step by step - identify your verbal brand

Affirm It

People see who you are before they hear who you are... Affirm your personal brand daily and watch others follow.

Believe It

We Become What We Believe - The verbal branding statement is the foundation to creating your unique visual presentation.

Show It

When the image and branding statement are one - you'll know it, feel it and live it! You become empowered and more confident.

Live It

You'll become more aware of the choices you make...
You'll stop asking "What should I wear?"and begin to ask yourself, "Does this outfit speak to who I am?"


Make Your Brand Relavant and Relatable

Sheila Coates, the creator of BYOB, brings two decades of entertainment experience with expertise in branding, marketing, artist development, lifestyle & business strategies and creating great images.

Her successful career includes memorable red-carpet appearances and marketing campaigns for "A" list celebrities such as: Diddy, Babyface, Mary J. Blige, Monica, Angie Stone, Faith Evans, Lenny Kravitz, Deborah Cox, Barry White and numerous others.

Sheila's held executive positions with: Sony/BMG, EMI/Capitol, Arista, Virgin, MCA, Perspective and Hidden Beach Records leading multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

Her creativity, visual presentation, imaging and branding talents have created numerous performances for: The Oprah Show, The Grammy's, American Music Awards, The Today Show and others.

What speaks to your brand?


Free Chapter Download from 'Mama Used To Say'

Mama Used To Say... Be Your Own Brand

Your brand affects your business, career, job… life! Here's your personal guide to help you Be Your Own Brand and build it with 3 easy steps!

E-GUIDE 3 Steps To Help You BYOB

Want to see it - instead of read it? This video presentation will help you understand the power of your brand, why it's important and how to get started building it! Total running time 37 minutes.


The voice we hear the most is the one inside our own head! Fill your mind (and computer screen) with thoughts that empower you! BYOB affirmations to encourage you to always, "BYOB! Because Everybody Else Is Taken!"

15 Screensavers Affirmations

Front of shirt reads: BYOB - Be Your Own Brand
Back of shirt reads: "Speak Volumes Without Saying A Word..."
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